Easter Egg Rhyme Time


Happy Easter!

We have about a million plastic Easter eggs lying around from yesterday, and I saw this idea on I Can Teach My Child. Just write the ending on one half of the egg, and a letter on the other. Turn the egg and have the child sound out the word.

Once she caught on to the rhyming, Julia was able to ” read” the words. She liked holding it and doing it herself too–perfect for a quiet time activity.


Probably the best egg activity so far today has been hiding the eggs all over the yard and taking turns finding them. We were no fun on Easter, and only hid hard boiled eggs yesterday. So far, the kids haven’t missed the fact that candy is usually in the eggs! I wonder how long we can get away with that trick! He He He.

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One Response to Easter Egg Rhyme Time

  1. George says:

    Great idea! I bet Julia loved it. And I’m sure Grant liked finding the eggs…

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