Weekly Workout Recap #2

This week started with gorgeous weather and a 3 mile family fun run down the Gilman Trail.


Julia ran about halfway with us and spent the rest of the time with Grant in the jogging stroller. I need to figure out a good running posture for the stroller because I think I was leaning on it too much and hurt my neck. Ouch!

Because of my neck, I missed zumba and Wednesday’s run, but I had a great 4 mile run this morning.


I’m getting nervous about running outside. My treadmill is so safe and comfortable! I’m also wondering how the heck I’m actually going to run 13.1 miles without dying. I feel fine after 4 miles, but that’s only on the monotonous treadmill. I get bored and tired. I’m hoping that getting outside will help those miles go by faster.

So with all this self doubt, guess what I went ahead and did yesterday! Signed up for another half marathon. Why not? I figured if I’m training for one in September, I might as well do another in November since I’ll hopefully be in shape for it.  Doing a second one also gives me another chance, since I’m guessing that each experience is quite different.

So my goal for last week was to run 12 miles, and looks like I did it! I’m also glad to report that with my new running shoes I now have happy knees. Yay!

Sunday 3 miles
Monday core
Tuesday rest
Wednesday rest
Thursday 2 miles core
Friday 3 miles core
Saturday 4 miles
Total: 12 miles

Goal for next week: 14 miles. Run 5 miles one day.

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One Response to Weekly Workout Recap #2

  1. Dad says:

    You’re My Hero!

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