Painting with Yarn


We did a quick craft this afternoon, and I love the way it turned out. It wasn’t even that messy, although the idea of using yarn to paint with sounds a little terrifying for those who are afraid of messes.

The key was to get everything ready without the help of the kiddos. I saturated the yarn in each color of washable kids paint, leaving a few inches of clean yarn for “handles”.


The fun part is dragging each paint coated string around the paper to make a unique design. Kids learn about color mixing, and how to manipulate the string in order to get the design they want.

I could see using these projects for wrapping paper.  They would even make great gifts for grandparents, especially if they were done on canvas.

Julia loves being the teacher (aka, the bossypants) these days, and when she saw me taking pictures, she asked me to take a video of her being the painting teacher. She’s got a cold, so I hope you can understand her.

Yeppie, woo woo! Well said, Jules! Happy painting!

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One Response to Painting with Yarn

  1. Fun!
    Have you done the marble painting, where you roll the marbles in paint, then around on the paper?

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