Coneflower Bouquet and Perennials in July


This morning we set up the kiddy pool and the water table, planning on a morning of water fun.


Of course after fifteen minutes the kids were ready for another activity. So I grabbed some scissors and they “helped” me make a bouquet of coneflowers from our flower garden.


As I cut the flowers, I’d hand them to Jules while Grant tried his best to eat wood chips without me noticing. As soon as she was holding one flower in each hand, she said she couldn’t hold anymore.

It’s amazing what I take for granted with three year olds. I just assumed she knew what a bouquet was and that she would hold all the flowers in her hands and maybe even arrange them for me. I guess we both have a lot to learn.


She was very pleased with our little project. She said, “we didn’t even buy these at Meijer!” That pleases me as well, Julia. Yay for free flowers!


Here’s the rest of our perennial garden. It’s kind of a big mess. I added some annuals for more color, and to fill in the bare spots. I need to do some wedding, though, or face the fact that crabgrass will become the garden’s new groundcover!


And Miss Chicken now has suitable shelter in her green bean tee pee.

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One Response to Coneflower Bouquet and Perennials in July

  1. Garden is looking good – and so are the kids :)
    One of the things I had to be reminded of, now that we’re on Raising Kids: The Sequel with the two grandkids in the house, is how quickly the attention shifts happen…around here, a running hose will last longer than a pool of water. Sometimes even long enough to get some weeding done :)

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