September Farmgirl Meeting: Antique Lampshade Planter

Re-purposed lampshades will find new homes in our gardens this fall. We can use them for planters, birdbaths, or bird feeders. Whatever they become, they will certainly make an elegant addition to our yards.

September’s meeting of the Flour Sack Farmgirls, a chapter of the Mary Jane’s Farmgirl Sisterhood, was so much fun! We used vintage lampshades, antique buttons, and chains to create a planter, bird feeder, or birdbath to hang in our gardens.  Ruth thought of this idea, and lead us through all the steps of this project.  She has made a few of these, and was very good at finding the right type of lampshade.  She was kind enough to purchase several of them during her antiquing, and sold them to us for the project.

I love Bonnie’s lampshade, and she used the most beautiful sparkly buttons to match!

Once everybody had their pieces for the project, it was easy to construct.  We just used floral wire to thread through the shaft of each button.  Then pull the wire through the hole of the lampshade.  The button anchors the wire and the chain.  Repeat twice so each hole has a button.  Next, attach the chains.  Keep in mind where you want to hang the planter and cut the chains to the right size.  Twist the wire to secure everything (the buttons and chains) in place.  Use a keyring or other secure wire ring to attach the chains at the top.  You will use an s-hook or nail to hang this lovely creation in your garden.

I can’t wait to see what kinds of birds this attracts. I will be sure to take it down in cold or windy weather, since I would hate for it to get crushed in a storm.  Maybe next year when I have more gardening energy I will see how it works as a planter.

I’ve had it up in my yard all morning, and I just love catching glimpses of it sparking in the sun.  This afternoon we will see how it does when the rain comes.

Thanks, Ruth, for teaching us how to make these beautiful and functional planters!

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2 Responses to September Farmgirl Meeting: Antique Lampshade Planter

  1. rrm4649 says:

    Your lampshade looks awesome!! You did a great Blog about all of us, pics too! Thanks.

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