Yo Gabba vs. Backyard Fun

Grant likes his tummy time.

Being a mom of two is getting harder than I thought!  It’s becoming a balancing act, trying to make sure both kids’ needs are being met.  My goal while I’m home with them all day is to give both of them equal attention, so when Grant is asleep, I try to spend some quality time with Julia.  When Julia takes her nap, it’s Grant time.  When they’re both awake…chaos.  Just kidding.  Usually we’re fine, but there are those moments when it feels like chaos.

Anyway, I’m not yet confident in taking them too far from home because if Grant is hungry, it’s time for a thirty minute feeding session, or if Julia needs to go potty, we better get there fast.  Taking a newborn into a germy bathroom stall freaks me out.  So we’ve been finding most of our entertainment here at home.

Enter Yo Gabba Gabba.

When Julia woke up from her nap this afternoon she wanted to watch Yo Gabba Gabba.  For those of you who don’t know about this show, it is geared toward the preschool set, hosted by an orange jumpsuited DJ Lance and his crew of little puppet toys which he stores in his boom box.  She’s been watching a few episodes a day so that I can have some peace while nursing Grant.  Unfortunately, like anything good, she’s become addicted to it.  I told her “no” this afternoon because Grant was sleeping so it was time for some Mommy/Julia time.  Yeah. That didn’t go over too well.

Julia enjoyed a snack of basil, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

We went to the backyard, tears streaming dramatically from Julia’s cheeks, and checked out our garden.  Five pickling cucumbers, three tomatoes, a few basil leaves, and some canine grooming took DJ Lance’s place and entertained us for about twenty-three minutes.

Ginger even let her comb her long enough for me to take a very quick photo.

Then we went inside.

And watched Yo Gabba.

DJ Lance wins.

Hey. I’m trying my best!

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2 Responses to Yo Gabba vs. Backyard Fun

  1. ccsteimer says:

    I know how difficult that balance can be, but you’re doing such a great job! I hope Yo Gabba is not as annoying as Teletubbies was for me! Lol!

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