DIY Exfoliant and Holiday Fun

Last week I received the August-September issue of one of my favorite magazinesMary Jane’s Farm.  It’s all about living an everyday organic lifestyle and being a farmgirl at heart, no matter where you live.  This issue offered a recipe for DIY Exfoliating Body Scrub that I just had to try.  Even better, I had all the ingredients, so no trips to the store in this heat!

DIY Exfoliating Body Scrub

  • 3/4 cups organic granulated or brown sugar or fine sea salt. (I used brown sugar.)
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 T organic oil (try apricot kernel, sweet almond, or sunflower oil) I used olive oil because that’s all I had.
  • 1 T organic raw honey
  • 5-15 drops essential oil (I had peppermint, lavender, and scotch pine to choose from. I opted for Scotch Pine from Mountain Rose Herbs since I “won” it from Mary Jane herself from her blog!)

Mix all the ingredients together and store in a shower or tub-safe container.

Results:  This mixture is amazing!  I have used it three times in the shower, and I feel like my skin glows, although that could be pregnancy-related.   There is a moment each time that I’m afraid I won’t be able to rinse the oil completely off my skin, but just at that moment, it comes off and throughout the day my skin feels moisturized and invigorated.  Give it a try!

Fourth of July!

Besides mixing up a bunch of ingredients from my pantry, we celebrated Independence Day! We were busy having fun with family this whole week.  George has Wednesday through Sunday off, so this is like a mini-vacation with errands to run, things to clean, and dishes to do.

The guys went golfing on the morning of the Fourth of July, so the girls had a backyard spa day, complete with two pools and a sprinkler.  I think we had more fun and stayed cooler than the boys.  Here are some more photos of our backyard oasis.

We enjoyed exfoliating foot baths by the kiddie pool and pistachio crusted salads with avocado dressing for lunch.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law tried out the exfoliant on their feet during our backyard spa day, and it did not attract bees or ants.

Julia received her first mani-pedi from her Auntie Cori. She sat nice and still.

Julia’s cousins, Scott and Ethan, enjoyed the sprinkler and playing with their cousin.

That evening we went to Grammy and Papa’s house for fireworks. I was apprehensive about taking Julia to a big display, not because of the noise, but because I was fairly sure it would be difficult to find a potty for her if she needed to go.  It turns out you can see the town’s fireworks from their neighborhood corner! It was perfect, and as predicted, she did need to go potty!

This was her first display, and she was entranced…or maybe just very tired… She loved getting to borrow the neighbor’s Barbie chair!

The next day we went to my parents’ house. My Aunt Barbara and Grandma and Grandpa were visiting from Montana and Iowa. Aunt Barbara brought an impossible puzzle to do. It only has nine pieces, but it took us hours of concentration to figure it out. George and Aunt Barbara finally figured it out.  A family get together would be incomplete without some sort of puzzle to solve.

The puzzlers are victorious! Julia and her Great Grandparents. Grandma loves Sherman.

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2 Responses to DIY Exfoliant and Holiday Fun

  1. Joni Bratney says:

    very nice!

  2. ccsteimer says:

    Great pictures! That exfoliant was amazing!

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