Backyard Garden-a-Thon

Here is the finished project. Now everything just needs to grow. We mixed native plants with peppers, cantaloupe and other vegetables.

Do you remember how hot it was on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend? That was the day we chose to plant our garden.  I say “our” this year, but most years I would refer to it as “my” garden.  I plant it. I weed it.  I harvest it.  It’s my baby.  George does help, but it’s always my idea to get out there.

Dad and George rototilled the weedy garden.

Since I’m eight months pregnant and I have back issues it wasn’t really feasible for me to start a garden this year, and I wasn’t planning to.  But as planting season grew closer, and as we passed gardening centers, and drove by other people’s gardens,  I went from telling myself and my family that I didn’t want a garden at all to thinking, well, maybe just a small one this year. Just the basics, I told myself.  Well, I, and I mean “I” not “we”, may have gotten a teensy bit carried away with plans this year.  The nearly 100 degree day became a Garden-a-Thon to remember.

Mom and Julia worked hard to rake the vegetable garden. (Julia wasn’t really working in this heat. She was swimming, drinking water, and resting in the shade!)

The girls created stepping stones for each of our gardens. Mine had a Julia theme, of course. These are marbles from the centerpieces from our wedding, ten years ago!

The mother hen watches over the completed garden. I can’t wait to see how this looks in August.

I was so happy to learn about a few photo editing sites.  Since Picnik went out of business, I have been unable to write on my photos or create collages.  PicMonkey and iPiccy offer these features and they are FREE!  Thanks to I Can Teach My Child for blogging about these sources!

PicMonkey has great blackmail capabilities.

and iPiccy offers easy-to-make collages.

Here’s some of  what’s growing in my backyard.

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11 Responses to Backyard Garden-a-Thon

  1. cathy Baker says:

    I love reading your blog Becky! Good thing you had plenty of helpers there. Your mom told me how hot it was that day!

  2. Chrissy says:

    I can’t imagine you without a garden! Wouldn’t be right! :) I love the stepping stone idea with the marbles from your wedding! Great idea!

    • Thanks. All we did was pour quick-setting concrete into molds and then push marbles and things into it. Mom bought letters and numbers to stencil into the stones too. Fun but messy!

  3. Joni Bratney says:

    Those handsome men with the hats are very interesting-hey wait a minute…………..

  4. Genna says:

    Looks great, Becky! I’ve found I like Picmonkey even better than Picnik, as the photos seem to load faster. Enjoy the bounty of your garden!

  5. ccsteimer says:

    The Garden look great! I love the pic of George and Bill in the straw hats!

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