Bread Fail

Sometimes new recipes just don’t work out. We’ve been out of bread for a few days because neither of us feels like making it.  This morning I thought trying out a new recipe would motivate me.  It was called “seeded whole wheat,” and I even used my precious locally grown whole wheat flour.  I was so motivated that I even took pictures of the process for my blog, confident that this would be a wonderful loaf.

There goes 1 1/2 cups of precious whole wheat flour from the Mendota Farmer's Market.

All of the ingredients are assembled, except I'd already added the butter. I think the black and white dramatically foreshadows the impending failure.

Three hours later, this is what I found in the bread machine.  At least it smelled nice.

It looks like a mini comet crashed into it!

I don’t know what I did wrong. I measured everything, and I added the ingredients in the right order.

Oh well.  I guess it’s back to the old reliable recipe for today.  Either that or more whole wheat tortilla wraps for lunch.  OR we could have mini sandwiches this week!


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One Response to Bread Fail

  1. Aunt Paula says:

    Hmmmmm, interesting. Might could dip chunks into some seasoned oil. Might not be total waste.

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