Build a Native Bee Habitat

Last week was a big week for me.  I attended my very first Mary Jane’s Farm Farmgirl Sisterhood meeting.  This group meets once a month to focus on ways to lead a simpler life.  This time we built some nests for native bees.  Missy and Angel met before to cut the wood in advance.  All we had to do was drill the holes and put the nest together.  Imagine me showing up at a stranger’s home with power tools!  It turned out to be a very good time.

We made habitats for wood-nesting and cavity-nesting bees.  According to, “about 30% of our native bee species make their nests in old beetle tunnels in snags or similar locations.” The nesting blocks we made were supposed to replicate these habitats.  We used a 4×4 piece of wood and drilled “nesting holes between 3/32″ and 3/8″ in diameter, at approximate 3/4″ centers, into the side of a block of preservative-free lumber.  The holes should be smooth inside and closed at one end.  The height of the nest is not critical–8″ or more is good- but the depth of the holes is critical.  Holes less than 1/4″ diameter should be 3/4″ deep. For holes 1/4″ or larger, a 5-6″ depth is best”

I drilled two holes at the top of the nest and hung it on our fence by the garden with twine.  I can’t believe I made it!  If you’d like to learn more about bee habitats, or bees in general, visit

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3 Responses to Build a Native Bee Habitat

  1. Genna Buhr says:

    You rock, Becky! I know I don’t always comment, but I always do enjoy reading your posts.

  2. rrm4649 says:

    Loved it, nice yard Becky. I do have to try the breads, have book.

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